Definitive Developments was established by husband and wife team David and Miranda Seeney. David brings 15 years of construction and project management experience and Miranda adds 15 years of interior design expertise.

Together, David and Miranda work tirelessly to design and construct residential buildings that provide a point of difference and offer a practical understanding of owner-occupier requirements.

There is no benefit to developing property for the sole purpose of generating profit. Definitive Developments instead works on the ethos that each site suits a specific purpose and each building must complement that purpose. It is counter-intuitive of Definitive Developments to try and over-develop a site or design a building that does not suit the market needs, forcing an undesirable living space upon clients. Definitive Developments are not producers of a product, they are designers and constructors of living spaces for people.

Nido Apartments is the epitomy of this thinking, taking the greatest assets of 59 Lapraik Street in Ascot – location and views – and combining them with a carefully thought-out, unique and functional design. Nido Apartments is the culmination of Definitive Developments ethos, understanding and experience and not merely an untested product thrust upon the real estate market.


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